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Gamifying Exhibitor Engagement: Driving Traffic to Booths with AR

Exhibitor engagement is a key metric of success for any conference or trade show. As attendees navigate through the exhibition floor, attracting their attention to individual booths can be a challenge. Traditional methods of enticing visitors with freebies or flashy displays may no longer suffice. In the age of technology, Gamification has emerged as a powerful tool for driving traffic to exhibitor booths, capturing attendee interest, and fostering meaningful interactions. When combined with Augmented Reality (AR), Gamification becomes even more immersive and engaging. This blog post explores how the integration of AR and Gamification can revolutionize exhibitor engagement, elevating the conference experience for both exhibitors and attendees.

Driving Traffic to Booths

Interactive Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a popular Gamification strategy that can be enhanced with AR to create interactive and exciting experiences for attendees. Exhibitors can collaborate with conference organizers to design scavenger hunt challenges that lead attendees to their booths.

Through AR-powered apps, attendees receive clues or hints that guide them to various booth locations. Upon reaching a booth, participants can unlock exclusive content, collect virtual badges, or earn points towards rewards. This interactive element incentivizes attendees to explore different booths, fostering increased traffic and meaningful interactions with exhibitors.

AR Product Demos and Simulations

AR brings products and services to life, making it an ideal tool for exhibitors to showcase their offerings. Rather than static displays or brochures, exhibitors can leverage AR to offer interactive product demos and simulations.

Attendees can use AR devices or apps to visualize products in 3D, try them out virtually, or experience their functionalities in real-world scenarios. This immersive experience not only captures attendees' attention but also enables them to make informed decisions about the showcased products. Exhibitors that utilize AR product demos can expect higher engagement and a stronger likelihood of converting visitors into potential customers.

Gamified Contests and Competitions

Gamified contests and competitions are an excellent way to entice attendees to visit exhibitor booths. Through AR-powered apps, exhibitors can create interactive games or challenges that are relevant to their products or services.

For example, a fitness equipment company could design an AR-powered virtual workout challenge where attendees compete to achieve the highest score. The winner may be rewarded with a prize or discount on their products. Such gamified experiences generate excitement and encourage attendees to seek out the respective booth to participate.

AR Photo Booths and Selfie Stations

Photo booths and selfie stations have become a staple of experiential marketing, and when combined with AR, they become even more engaging. Exhibitors can set up AR-powered photo booths that allow attendees to take photos with virtual elements, such as branded props, mascots, or themed backgrounds.

These interactive photo opportunities encourage attendees to visit the booth, capture memorable moments, and share them on social media, effectively promoting the exhibitor's brand to a wider audience. Encouraging attendees to share their experiences also creates a buzz around the conference and boosts exhibitor visibility.

Virtual Treasure Hunts and Prizes

Incorporating virtual treasure hunts with AR can significantly boost exhibitor engagement. Attendees can use AR apps to search for virtual treasure chests or hidden objects scattered throughout the conference floor.

Upon finding these treasures, participants may unlock special offers, discounts, or exclusive content from exhibitors. This fun and rewarding experience not only attracts attendees to exhibitor booths but also helps exhibitors gather valuable leads and data.


Gamifying exhibitor engagement through AR is a game-changer for conferences and trade shows. By leveraging interactive scavenger hunts, AR product demos, gamified contests, AR photo booths, virtual treasure hunts, and prizes, exhibitors can drive traffic to their booths, capture attendee interest, and foster meaningful interactions.

The combination of AR and Gamification creates immersive and engaging experiences that resonate with attendees, elevating the conference experience to new heights. For exhibitors, this innovative approach leads to increased brand exposure, lead generation, and potential conversions. For attendees, it opens the door to a world of interactive and entertaining experiences, making the conference not only informative but also enjoyable and memorable. As the events industry continues to evolve, embracing AR and Gamification for exhibitor engagement is a winning strategy that sets conferences and trade shows apart, establishing them as immersive and must-attend experiences.

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