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6 Reasons to use AR at your conference.

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

use AR at your conference

01 Enhancing Presentations: AR can enhance presentations by allowing speakers to display interactive 3D models, animations, and visual aids, making it easier for attendees to understand complex ideas and concepts.

02 Engaging Audience: Use AR at your conference to make presentations more engaging and interactive by allowing attendees to interact with the content and engage with it in new and exciting ways.

03 Improving Networking: AR can also be used to improve networking opportunities by providing attendees with interactive displays of attendee information, helping them connect with one another and build relationships.

04 Providing Virtual Tours: AR can be used to provide virtual tours of conference venues, allowing attendees to familiarize themselves with the facilities and make the most of their time at the conference.

05 Cost-effective: AR can be a cost-effective way to enhance the conference experience, as it eliminates the need for expensive physical props and equipment.

06 AR can add an exciting new dimension to conferences and help attendees to learn, engage, and connect in new and meaningful ways.

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